Ivy & Ginger Earrings Mini Metallic Silver Studs

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Ivy & Ginger

ivy and ginger is a jewellery brand specialising in hand painted wooden components creating fun, unique and statement jewellery.

I want jewellery that is different, sustainable and ultimately fun but struggled to find any. I am a specialist in fine jewellery after studying this at university, following on from studying a wide variety of art subjects, but it wasn’t until I started experimenting with wood that I found a material that enabled my visions to come to life.

I’m based in Staffordshire and I choose for all of my supplies to be sourced from other UK small businesses. It’s important for me that my small business supports others - whilst also helping reduce the environmental impact by saving imports from overseas.

My business name is all about my Nan and I. My Nan, Ivy, always supported my creative endeavours and taught me how to knit, cross stitch and bake from a very young age amongst other things. I would often spend my weekends at her kitchen table drawing comic books or making her bookmarks, and once even a very wonky knitted scarf! She always believed in me and I always hear her tell me...

“I knew you would do it, you always doubt yourself with everything you do but you always do it no matter how long it takes you, you need to believe in yourself and you will do anything you want”

She told me these words when I finally passed my driving test after two failed attempts and they’ve stuck with me ever since. Whether it was applying for university, tests, job applications it made such a difference hearing her back me. My Nan pushed my creativity and always believed in me, so it seems only right I dedicate my passion creating my jewellery to her, and this way I get to take her along with me.

Nicky x (ginger)

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