Sirius Essential Oil Wax Melts ‘Serenity’ Blend


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Sirius Therapies

Sirius is owned by qualified aromatherapist Emma Salt, who lives in Clowne and who creates beautiful, natural skin care products by hand. "All the blends in the skin care and candles have been carefully selected by us – each one is our own recipe. They are our products that we make for you. We are firmly against animal testing – neither our suppliers nor us test on animals.  Instead, Sirius products are tested on a willing group of human volunteers before being launched to the general public. Everything is natural – from the body butters to the aroma-oils to the candles, we don’t use anything nasty in our products, and we never will. There is science behind our blends too. The blends have been selected for their skin care, healing, calming or uplifting properties – our owner is a scientist too.  She’s got an MSc and so is in a privileged position to be able to combine scientific theory and complementary therapy knowledge, thereby developing and bringing you truly holistic products. All our products are vegan-friendly. No animal testing, and no animal ingredients in any of the products. There are no artificial fragrances – all the smells in the candles and skin care products come from essential oils, not perfumes. We are growing our own herbs and flowers to use in our botanical soaps which will be launched in 2020. We are a small company that makes or blends everything by hand. Small batches mean we can keep an eye on production and it matters that every pot is perfect (although as they are made by hand, no two pots will be identical). All packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable. We use glass bottles and jars for our lotions and oils, and the cellophane we use to package the tea lights is cellulose based cellophane, so is biodegradable.  Our small ‘plastic’ bags are actually made from potato starch, so these can go straight into your composter. Finally, we make and sell our products because they work. This might sound a little silly, obvious or big-headed, but they do! Whether it’s a lotion, oil, butter, soap or candle, they smell fantastic, and do exactly what they are supposed to do!" See the full list of Sirius Therapies products at


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